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Deck Restoration


The key to a nicely stained deck is making sure it's properly washed. We use a sodium hyperoxide bicarbonate solution to thoroughly remove all grime and stain from your deck. If the staining has not been broken down, a soft wash system will be used. If the staining has broken down, this may dry the wood.

After cleaning the deck, the wood must dry completely before the stainging process begins. This may take many days, depending on the weather. Mositure in the wood will cause problems with the stain soaking in.



We will allow you to choose any stain color you would like. We will also help you to choose the type of stain that will work best with the type of wood your deck is built of. The total time to stain a deck depends on the area of the surface. The larger the area of the deck, the longer the process of cleaning and staining. Our team may have to schedule multiple days of staining.

If you are unsatisfied with the final product, we will work with you to assure you are happy. COur business highly values the happiness of their customers.