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About Us


The Startup

Scott Martin, the owner and creator of Clear Reflections Window Cleaning©, has been in business since 1998. He started cleaning windows when he was 16, he created Clear Reflections as a way to make profit. His uncle owned a business in Kansas which sparked the idea for his business.

Since Clear Reflections began, the business has expanded to multiple locations around the tristate. Scott frequently attends seminars to learn new ways to provide customers with the best services. 

Clear Reflections provides multiple services ranging from window cleaning to deck restoration.

Weather Effects


The weather greatly effects Clear Reflections schedule. ☂ Spring can be a difficult time to stick to schedule as is frequently rains.  During the summer season, Clear Reflections has a very busy schedule as the weather is nice.  Autumn is also a very busy season for business.  In the winter as the weather in Wisconsin can be very hard to predict, it is very hard to stick to a schedule. Clear Reflections tries very hard to stick to the schedule created, however, some changes may need to be made.

Clear Reflections would like to encourage customers to schedule consultations and appointments early in the season as it can be difficult to make an appointment the longer waited. Scheduling ahead of time also makes it easier for Clear Reflections to make schedule changes as needed.

Temperatures of:

  • 10 ° or higher
  • are perfered

Wind Speeds of:

  • 10 miles or less
  • are perfered